Ø55/Ø57 HP VStab Rec 10k Long-term MP 3/8'' Double Seal

Article no. BB2035
Approval Status 9-IFU (Issued for Use)
Pressure Rating Bar 690
Material Long-term
Weight 20.6 kg
Volume 2.69 dm3
Surface Area 5558 cm2
Hydraulic 3/8" MP
Mechanical 8xM10 (45x45x45)
Current Rev 05
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Valve Stab Receptacle with 6 individual hydraulic lines for Long-term
submersion, when connected to external CP system.
When stab is inserted and valves opened (red position) a weak link
system ensures that the stab can be pulled out in an emergency
situation, emergency release force approx. 3kN.
ROV Handle in green position: All valves closed, stab free to mate or remove.
ROV Handle in red position: All valves open, stab locked into receptacle.
For more information - request usermanual 600142-TD-0001.