Pressure Balanced Connection: Hot Stab Hydraulic Connection

Ø35 Quad Port Hot Stab - API 17D






The Blue Logic Hot Stab program is based on more than 20 years of experience of Subsea Hydraulic Connections.

All Hot Stabs are designed according to API 17H 3rd edition.

Blue Logic Hot Stabs are available with 1, 2,3 and 4 ports with pressure rating from 5 000Psi to 20 000Psi

Select sizes are stocked locally for fast delivery.

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Typical title and description for Hot Stabs:

Ø35 SP Stab 10k Interv wCV BSP 3/8" ID6mm:

Ø35:      Ø35mm stab body

SP:        Single port, alternatives: DP=2 ports, TP=3 ports, QP=4 ports

Stab:     Hot stab, receptacle to be labelled Rec

10K:      10 000Psi pressure rating

Interv:    Intervention (short term), alternative: Long-Term=suitable for permanent installation

wCW:     With integrated check valves

BSP:      Hydraulic hose interface

3/8”:       Hydraulic interface size

ID6mm:  Internal hydraulic bore diameter


Reference Matrix - Hot Stab Type vs Standard: