Ø55/Ø57 HP VStab Rec wCartrigde BA8495 Port 1 & White Key

Article no. BA8373
Approval Status 9-IFU (Issued for Use)
Pressure Rating Bar 690
Material Long-term
Weight 22.1 kg
Volume 2.89 dm3
Surface Area 6227 cm2
Hydraulic 3/8" BSP
Mechanical 8xM10 (45x45x45)
Current Rev 03
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Valve Stab Receptacle with 6 individual hydraulic lines for long term
submersion, when connected to external CP system. Equipped with
a key system to ensure only male stab with correct key (white colour)
can be inserted (BA8369).
A mechanical lever arm reduces stab mating force.
When stab is inserted and valves opened (red position) a weak link
system ensures that the stab can be pulled out in an emergency
situation, emergency release force approx. 3kN.
This receptacle is special configured with an open cartridge (no seals)
in port no. 1 which enables fluid communication between receptacle port
1 and ambient seawater when receptacle is in Closed Position (green).
For more information - request usermanual 600142-TD-0001.