The Subsea USB 2kW system is based on the Unplugged inductive technology for transfer of electrical power and communication subsea. The 2kW connector system is part of the complete "Subsea-USB" system covering power range from 50W to 3000W with communication speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.

In general, each Inductive system consists of a Primary (TX) and a Secondary (RX) side installed in a ROV friendly housing. The power is transferred from the Primary side to the Secondary side whilst communication is operated in full duplex.

The Subsea-USB Connectors can be configured in the following alternatives:

  1. Manually operated by hand
  2. ROV operated.
  3. Bulkhead piggy backed on other equipment.
  4. Combined with hydraulic connector thus allowing for electrical power, communication, and hydraulic connections to be made up using the same connector assembly.

Flexible input - AC/DC power supply (PFC) that can handle 100-250VAC or 145-350VDC input voltage and 370VDC output to power the primary side connector. Primary side can handle 310-340VDC variation in voltage input and secondary side deliveres 325VD +/- 5%. A telemetry/diagnostic interface is available on port 5000 on the ethernet interface.  Approx. efficiency of the inductive connectors, end to end is >90%. The inductive coils are galvanically isolated from each other and can be regarded as a 1 to 1 transformer. The 2kW system has a 10-pin Subconn connector where RS232 or RS485 (230kbps) can be configured together with Ethernet (80Mbps) and Power. Feasible to have RS232 configured on the Secondary side (tool side) and RS485 configured on the primary side (ROV side). Most systems rated to 3000m water depth.

The system can be delivered in the following material types: Aluminium or Super duplex. It is recommended to always include the connector in the CP protection system and make sure it is in galvanic contact. Aluminium is designed for short-term (intervention) use. Super Duplex version has a design life of 3-5 years.

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