Ø35 DP Rec and Stab 10k w250W Inductive Connector

Article no. BB6070
Available -1
Available later 1
Approval Status 7-IFC (Issued for Construction)
Pressure Rating Bar 690
Weight 38.1 kg
Volume 69.72 dm3
Surface Area 109908 cm2
Current Rev 03
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Multi-interface coupler kit for transferring electrical power, data
communication and hydraulics. The kit contains hydraulic Hot Stab and
Receptacle with integrated 250W Inductive Connectors for quick and
easy hook-up of electrical power/communication and hydraulics subsea.
The kit is based on Blue Logic standard Hot Stabs and Inductive
Connectors providing a unique plug-and-play solution for advanced
subsea tooling

Operation and Maintenance Manual BL ROV Power Supply:
Operation and Maintenance Manual Ø35: