Subsea Docking Module Assembly Njord

Article no. BB4885
Approval Status 7-IFC (Issued for Construction)
Material Steel
Weight 2479.1 kg
Volume 467.9 dm3
Surface Area 1091230 cm2
Mechanical Fork Lift & 13,5T MD Interf.
Electrical 690 VAC
Current Rev 05
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The Universal Subsea Docking Module is designed for inductive charging
and data communication for Underwater Intervention Drones (UID's).
The Subsea Docking Module, SDM is designed and equipped in
accordance with API 17H and TR1231 (Appendix D). The SDM is
equipped with 2 off Blue Logic USB D (2kW) inductive connectors and 3
off Blue Logic USB B (250W) inductive connectors. Both connector types
allows for electrical power and Ethernet +RS485 communication. In
addition, the SDM is equipped with 3 off eTronic wet mate connectors
for Ethernet communication and power transfer. This SDM is configured
for installation at the Njord field.