Fluid Transfer System

Article no. BB4777
Approval Status 9-IFU (Issued for Use)
Pressure Rating Bar 690
Weight 0 kg
Volume 0 dm3
Surface Area 0 cm2
Hydraulic 4-1/16'' API 10K
Current Rev 01
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The Fluid Transfer System, FTS, is designed for offshore vessel to
vessel fluid transfer. Based on Blue Logic’s Valve Stab technology and
MultiDog Lifting Connector, the FTS ensures quick
connection/disconnection with no fluid spill.
Compared to traditional vessel to vessel hose connection systems, the
FTS allows operation at rougher weather conditions increasing
operational window. Using a gimbal feature, the supply hose can swing
up to 30° from the vertical axis when connected. A load monitoring
system ensures controlled disconnection if the hose-tension exceed a
pre-set load. Both valves, i.e. Stab and Receptacle Valves, will be
closed prior to the disconnection.
All pressurized parts in Super Duplex material for maximum corrosion

Operation and maintenance manual: 500380-TD-0018