Class 7 Gear Box 40kNm

Article no. BA6403
In stock No
Approval Status 9-IFU (Issued for Use)
Pressure Rating Bar 300
Weight 0 kg
Volume 0 dm3
Surface Area 0 cm2
Mechanical ISO Class 4 Input
Current Rev 07
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Mechanical Gear box with ISO Class 4 input and
ISO Class 7 output. 40kNm torque capacety.
Gear Ratio 40kNm 1:14.273

Class 6 Insert available on request, BB1680

Can be configured to 10kNm and 15kNm torque output.
Gear Ratio 15kNm 1:6 (ref BA6847)
Gear Ratio 10kNm 1:3,78 (ref BA8497)