2kW USB D Kit with Homing

Article no. BB4464
Approval Status 9-IFU (Issued for Use)
Material Intervention
Weight 53 kg
Volume 103.49 dm3
Surface Area 145465 cm2
Electrical In: 100-250VDC/145-350VDC, Out: 370VDC
Com. & Protocol Ethernet & RS232/RS485
Current Rev 01
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2kW Inductive connector kit with homing complete with 2kW primary and
secondary connectors, 2kW power supply, interface cable and test cables.
The secondary inductive connector (1) is equipped with homing sensors
to enable guiding using the magnetic field from the primary connector
(2). The 3 homing sensors enable manoeuvring feedback in X and Y
plane during mating of the two connectors for charging and/or data transfer.
During connection, the AUV’s female secondary connector will click into
the male primary connector and kept in position by spring-loaded