USB B Kit with Tether Lock

Article no. BB4448
Approval Status 9-IFU (Issued for Use)
Material Intervention
Weight 0 kg
Volume 0 dm3
Surface Area 0 cm2
Electrical In: 100-250VDC/145-350VDC, Out: 370VDC
Com. & Protocol Ethernet & RS232/RS485
Current Rev 02
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250W Inductive connector kit with tether locking mechanism.
The secondary connector (2) is designed for installation on AUV / drone
with on-board tether.
The connector is used for connecting the tether to subsea charging
station, enabling charging and data transfer while the vehicle is
operated in tether-mode.

Automatic locking during mating of the connectors. By unspooling the
tether, the AUV is free to operate within tether-range. Disconnection is
performed by spooling tether fully in. Once tether is fully retracted, the
connector’s release frame will be pushed forward and subsequently de-
activate the locking dogs in the front of the connector. The AUV is then
back in free-flying mode.