Ø100 SP VStab 5k Interv 2" 1502 Pull-in Head

Article no. BA5684
Approval Status 9-IFU (Issued for Use)
Pressure Rating Bar 345
Material 316L/SUPER DUPLEX/S165M/OM7
Weight 33.2 kg
Volume 4.62 dm3
Surface Area 10245 cm2
Hydraulic 2" 1502
Current Rev 11
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Ø100 Valve Stab with 2” Hammer Union and an integrated isolation
valve to allow connection/disconnection at full system pressure with no
spill of fluid or water ingress. This allows for pressurising the down line
when handled with ROV, this makes the risk of damage to the downline
minimal. Also it reduce the risk of Hose collapse in case of operating in
deep waters. Integrated handle for operation of valves in Valve Stab
and Receptacle. Rated for 5000Psi and designed for temporary subsea
exposure, i.e. intervention operations.

This VStab is only compatible with single port Vstab receptacles. Mating
of Vstabs and Vstab receptacles with different number of ports may
cause injuries, equipment damage and spill of fluid.